Case Study: Digital Marketing and eCommerce Acceleration for TaraBliss Spa

Case Study: Digital Marketing and eCommerce Acceleration for TaraBliss Spa

In early 2016, I was fortunate enough to have been appointedby TaraBliss Spa as Digital Marketing Consultant for their strategy planning, campaign management and execution. Besides delivering an Online Presence Analysis (of all channels including their Website, Blog, Facebook Page, Instagram Account etc.) and creating a comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan, I helped the brand execute digital campaigns, maintained their social marketing calendar, managed social channels, created and launched their email newsletter (on Campaign Monitor), optimized their products’ eCommerce presences (on Lazada, Qoo10) and listings with premium content. I also managed several undergoing digital projects for their official website ( and their WIP eCommerce site (apothecary).

The Key Objectives of this program are:

  1. To enhance TaraBliss Spa’s brand awareness
  2. To lift TaraBliss Spa’s sales
  3. To boost TaraBliss Spa’s product line eCommerce sales

After my first meeting with TaraBliss Spa’s owner, Mimi Gay, I came up with a digital marketing proposal for the project. It included the background and goals of the project, target audience analysis, unique selling points for the spa, a high-level digital marketing plan and approaches to take.

An excerpt:

Target audience (TA)

Primary TA:
Age: 30-45. Female. More willing to spend. Teachers and professionals.
Secondary TA:
Age: 45-60. Female. Less tech-savvy.
Age: 25-30. Female. Younger generation and highly engaged on Social Media.


To engage customers and prospects through their journey from awareness to advocacy, through different digital touchpoints (Media ads, Bloggers, eDMs, Social Media, Website, Blog).
To keep a consistent brand identity and lift the brand image by integrated online/offline campaigns with the same messaging and tone.
To build a long-term (strategic) plan which builds brand image and ongoing customer relationships.

Digital Marketing Channels Audit and Discovery

One of the first initiatives that I did was to identify the need of having a “Coming Soon” page, and manage the project of turning a raw “Under Construction” page into a “Coming Soon” page that collected leads and generated prospective interest with exclusive offers. I was shocked when I saw the temporary holding page of TaraBliss’ official website looking like this:

Before – The Under Construction page

underconstruction - before

The agency who was in charge of the website claimed that it would be launched anytime soon. But, I insisted on having a proper holding page.The best part was, it only took them around 2 hours to set up, yet the benefits of a proper “coming soon” page cannot be underestimated. (In reality, the actual website was only launched over a month later.)

After – The Coming soon page

comingsoon - after optimising
The holding site managed to generate 10 leads. It’s not a big number, but in terms of brand image it’s definitely worthwhile.

I also managed the QA of the website launch as well as the audit of TaraBliss’s blog site – BE.ING. I installed analytics tools and SEO plugins for the blog to measure the posts against SEO best practises to make sure the content marketing was heading in the right direction.

Marketing Program Strategies

Campaigns that I planned and executed for the brand:

  • Monthly Promotional Campaign
  • #WhatsYourBliss Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Mother’s Day Promotional Campaign
  • Social Marketing Calendar
  • Monthly eNewsletter program

First of all, I’d like to mention the very first promotional campaign I initiated, designed and launched for TaraBliss. My roles and responsibilities include:

  • Project planning and management
  • Creatives judging and optimising
  • Backend integrating with campaign monitor

Targeted audience: New customers who haven’t tried TaraBliss in recent years.
Channel: Facebook ad, leading to a Landing Page to sign up for trial.

Below is an example of my creative optimisation for the landing page. I got the design from their in-house Graphic Designer and through some iterations we worked on multiple sections to optimise the design to make it work better for us.
Creative Optimisation

Secondly, I built an email template for the brand to send promotional and editorial content to their eDM database. For the eDM I designed two options to choose from and developed the Responsive HTML template, which was blasted through the Campaign Monitor.

Option 1:

promotional eDM template option 1

Option 2:

promotional eDM template option 2

Last but not the least, I would also like to highlight the Mother’s day campaign that I launched. I’m always fascinated by the power of social marketing and UGC (User generated content); how versatile and powerful it can be. Even for a small business brand like Tarabliss, we managed to gather so much interesting content and build our brand equity.

UGC - Mother's day contest content

UGC - Mother's day contest

UGC - Mother's day contest winner

The idea was to talk less about our own brand, our own service and our own product, focusing more on our target audience, their well-being, the things that matters to them the most (e.g. their mothers), and to get them to love the brand.

eCommerce Optimisation

I also served as a consultant for e-Commerce acceleration. Responsibilities include:

  • Optimise eCommerce portfolio on Zalora and Qoo10
  • Manage Zalora promotional sales, and Qoo10 Timesales
  • Optimise listing content by finding product-related reviews, graphics and enriching the content
  • Design product thumbnail photos to attract potential buyers
  • Project Manager and Technical Consultant for the launch of eCommerce site


With years of experiences working in MNC Digital Marketing teams and working on well-known brands, I definitely enjoy the new experience working on a small business and exploring spa/beauty industry. I also enjoyed being the technical consultant for the company and managing different agency relationship with Web design agencies, eCommerce development agencies and PR agencies, to liaise and translate business needs into technical/creative requirements and work towards a common goal.

I have to acknowledge that it’s a very demanding project for me, yet it’s rewarding that I managed to have done so much within a short period of 4 months!

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