HTML/CSS /jQuery Agenda filter for SF World Tour Melbourne

HTML/CSS /jQuery Agenda filter for SF World Tour Melbourne

RWD design - cross device compatible

Project Intro and Background

In Feb 2016, I’ve got an opportunity to work on an interesting project – an Agenda page for Salesforce’s World Tour Melbourne. The marketers would like the page to represent a “Perfect Day” for each of the 6 streams – “Sales”, “Marketing”, “Service” etc., and the functionality for the users to click each of the breakout sessions to read more about that session. Instead of creating a single page of each of the Perfect Days, our team decided to leverage the current “Agenda” page and add a “Filter” function to it, and I’ll be coding the page so that we have a beautiful and user-friendly web experience for the visitors to view that perfect day on a single page.
View the live page here >

interactive agenda filter.

My responsibilities and requirements of this project were:

  • HTML/CSS RWD (Responsive Web Design) coding
  • jQuery for filtering and lightbox functionalities
  • jQuery for passing the parameters
  • Implement the solution to Open CMS platform

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How I got my PMP cert in Singapore – A Complete Guide From Registering, Learning to Passing the Exam

How I got my PMP cert in Singapore – A Complete Guide From Registering, Learning to Passing the Exam

It took me about two weeks time to prepare for the PMP test after my 5-day course with NTUC NextU, although I understand that the average preparation time for PMP tests is 3 months. I’m not going to lie that I was once quite overwhelmed by the criteria to fulfil to sign up for PMP exams, the difficulty of PMP exams, and the low passing rate. Therefore, I had always been thinking that once I passed, I’m going to share my own experiences, tips and learning methods back to the community. So here it is – a complete guide to passing the PMP exam and getting the cert, including: Recommended PMP Course in Singapore; How to register for the PMP exam (what to prepare and what to expect); How to self-study and prepare for the actual PMP exam; And lastly, how is it like to take the actual exam in Singapore.

Quick Links:
PMP Eligibility
Why PMP?
Selecting a PMP Course
Attending the PMP Course
How to self study for PMP exam
Tips and experiences of the real PMP Exam

PMP Course at NTUC NextU

Who are eligible for taking the PMP course and exam

PMP course and exams are meant to be for experienced full-time project managers with 3-5 years managing projects, so it’s not for fresh Project Managers hoping to acquire basic PM knowledge/methodologies.
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