Chalkboard website design and coding

Chalkboard website design and coding

The site is now live at

  • Website design
  • HTML/CSS website coding
  • Cooperating with the fantastic crew of Proteus Tech, a team of Python Django developers to tweak the design and codes.

This should be counted the very first project I’ve ever done in Singapore since I set up the business. It’s for a mobile application called Chalkboard. It’s with a relatively tight budget but it’s a good starting point for me. Thanks to Andy who introduced me to Bernard for this project and thanks to Bernard who gave me this chance. It’s a great experience which allows me to learn a lot through the whole process, especially in a client handling and team working prospective.

There’s been a lot of tweaks after I had done the page design and coding, therefore it’s only gone live not long ago. I’m impressed by the work that Proteus Tech has done, I’m happy for the success of the App chalkboard, and I feel so delightful to be a part of this. Good luck Chalkboard!!

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