JamiQ website revamp and python/django template coding

JamiQ Special Offer page

View the Special Offer page in action

Kelvin, a Co-founder of the brilliant online application JamiQ.com and a supportive friend of mine came to me saying he needs some tweaks on their website, so I got to have the chance to work with the friendly crew from JamiQ – Benjamin, Michael and Arvind. Michael even helped me install Python/django and gitX remotely on my machine so I can work on my local copy. The whole work process with all these useful tools is such a breeze!!

I was already very intrigued when the first time I learned about the version tracking tools, not to mention when I had the chance to finally lay my hands on it. It works so great and save me a lot of time and hassle! FTPs are so ’00s!! In this way you can not only submit all the changes you made, but also easily revert back to a pervious version if anything goes wrong without breaking the code. It’s faster and more efficient than I could ever imagine.

JamiQ solutions page redesign and templating

View the Solutions page in action

It also provide me an opportunity to take a closer look at Python/Django. Although my previous project Chalkboard is also based on Python/Django, I didn’t have a chance to look into its template because there were some issues getting it running on my machine. Again thanks to Michael Lim who made it possible for me. The template codes were so clean and neat that it almost took no time for me to start working on it.

JamiQ frontpage clients section design and templating

I got to design and develop two new pages (Solutions and Special Offer) and made several small tweaks here and there. Feel free to check it out. Great online monitoring product btw!

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