HTML/CSS /jQuery Agenda filter for SF World Tour Melbourne

HTML/CSS /jQuery Agenda filter for SF World Tour Melbourne

RWD design - cross device compatible

Project Intro and Background

In Feb 2016, I’ve got an opportunity to work on an interesting project – an Agenda page for Salesforce’s World Tour Melbourne. The marketers would like the page to represent a “Perfect Day” for each of the 6 streams – “Sales”, “Marketing”, “Service” etc., and the functionality for the users to click each of the breakout sessions to read more about that session. Instead of creating a single page of each of the Perfect Days, our team decided to leverage the current “Agenda” page and add a “Filter” function to it, and I’ll be coding the page so that we have a beautiful and user-friendly web experience for the visitors to view that perfect day on a single page.
View the live page here >

interactive agenda filter.

My responsibilities and requirements of this project were:

  • HTML/CSS RWD (Responsive Web Design) coding
  • jQuery for filtering and lightbox functionalities
  • jQuery for passing the parameters
  • Implement the solution to Open CMS platform

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