Insights and more Textpattern website revamp

Knowledge Creation page redesign
Insights and More - Knowledge Creation page redesign/development

View the Consumer & Market Insights page in action
View the Knowledge Creation page in action

This is a website revamp project. The main section I had worked in is the “Who We Are” section – we were to divide it into “Consumer & Market Insights” and “Knowledge Creation” pages, although there are other changes applied throughout the site. I needed to tweak their layout to be more user friendly and well structured, enable file downloading, and recode the right sidebar section to display more information as well.

Please find below a simple “Before and after” comparison.

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JamiQ website revamp and python/django template coding

JamiQ Special Offer page

View the Special Offer page in action

Kelvin, a Co-founder of the brilliant online application and a supportive friend of mine came to me saying he needs some tweaks on their website, so I got to have the chance to work with the friendly crew from JamiQ – Benjamin, Michael and Arvind. Michael even helped me install Python/django and gitX remotely on my machine so I can work on my local copy. The whole work process with all these useful tools is such a breeze!!

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